What is eWaste
e-Waste or Electronic Waste is any end of life electrical or electronic appliance.E-waste comprises
computers, Telecom equipment, TVs, Mobile phones, Other Consumer electronics, and other items that are being replaced or discarded by their original users.
What Is The Issue With
E-waste is the currently most rapidly growing waste
problem in the world. Rapid technology change, lowering cost of electronic goods, and high obsolescence rate has resulted in a exponential growth in the volume of eWaste being generated.
All forms of e Waste has toxics ingredients, which pose a threat
to the occupational health of workers as well as the environment
if not handled correctly.

For example, a PC contains highly toxic chemicals like
Cadmium, Mercury, Lead, Beryllium, Brominated Flame
Retardants (BFRs), and phosphorus compounds. A television
or a mobile phone also comprises of many toxics chemicals.
These materials need to be handled appropriately in controlled
manner to avoid any adverse impacts on worker health or
Unorganized Recycling
Of eWaste In India
Since eWaste management is in its infancy and there are very few organized recyclers in India, companies and individuals still dispose their e-Waste to the local "Scrap Dealers". The scrap dealers trade with the un-organized recyclers who use crude and dangerous methods of removing components and base materials. These methods like burning the circuit boards and using acids cause damage to the workers health as well lead to environmental damage like lead pollution etc.
How to handle electonic
It is best to dispose e Waste through a reliable e Waste collector so that the equipment is managed in a controlled environment and set for Reuse or Recycle. This eliminates the risk of negative footprint on the environment.