What is eWaste
e-Waste or Electronic Waste is any end of life electrical or electronic appliance.E-waste comprises
computers, Telecom equipment, TVs, Mobile phones, Other Consumer electronics, and other items that
are being replaced or discarded by their original users.
Corporate Data Assurance
Data security and prevention or identity and data theft
is a critical aspect for all corporate compliance
policies. End of life assets have data is not removed
even by simple deletion or formatting of the drives. To help companies manage this risk, Baobab provides comprehensive data erasure solutions to enable Corporate Data Assurance. These solutions confirm to the highest regulatory standards and meet the international compliance requirements.
Proactive Asset Disposition Solutions
Companies typically have low priority for disposing their used electronic assets. However technology obsolescence causes the assets to lose their value year on year apart from taking up valuable storage space. Baobab Clean Tech Limited delivers proactive solutions by deeper engagement to help companies realize better value for their obsolete assets. With our market intelligence, we can provide quick turnaround on valuing your assets and help you realize optimum value.
Solutions For Bonded Assets
Many companies have obsolete assets that are in a bonded warehouse. Taking this equipment through the debonding process proves to be a challenging task at times. Baobab Clean Tech Limited provides process assessment support for the situation and also comprehensive debonding solutions with the help of our trusted partners.
Zero Environment Footprint
50% of eWaste collected by the local scrap vendor goes into landfills. – CPCB, MOEF Baobab Clean Tech Limited follows a Strict policy of Zero landfills, Zero incineration, and extensive Re-use of reclaimed base materials. We work with authorized partners throughout the value chain to ensure zero footprint on the environment.